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-1/2 Cup White Miso

-Sea-Bass (amount varies per party)

-1/3 Cup Sugar

-3 Tablespoons of Mirin

-3 Tablespoons of Sake

-San J Shoyu Sauce

-Soy Sauce for Rice

-Sushi Rice 

Please allow 24 hrs of marinate time for this recipe. 

Bring mirin and sake to almost a boil. Whisk in miso paste until turned into a thin paste. Slowly mix in sugar to incorporate - let it get to room temperature. Marinate the cod with miso paste marinade. Let rest in fridge for 24hrs.

 When ready to cook, preheat your air fryer to 400 for 8 min and broil the miso'd cod for 4-5.5 min. 


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