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OOD House Suite’s - Sleeps 2


 (2 adults)


  • Queen size, handcrafted wooden bed frame with full size trundle

  • Casper mattress

  • Private bathroom with shower and bidet  

  • Kitchenette with sink, stovetop, refrigerator 


*provisioned with bedding, coffee, towels, spaghetti, sauce, a lantern and/or flashlight for each guest.

The tiny OOD house sleeps 2


It’s an Estonian idea of being inside. The reflection of  mirroring nature, blending into another portal of thinking. YES, OOD/tiny house is a hidden gem.

Sustainability in the form of the minimal footprint for your eyes, blended with Danish simplicity and understated luxury built with American hand craft. 

All you need is love for nature and we give you the window to have more. 

Fitted with a kitchenette, bidet toilet and heated floor for the winter nights. A cedar hot-tub with a sauna by the river should be almost all you need after spending a hard day working on your screen through StarLink. Here at the ranch you can mix love and work while rebooting your spirits with hikes and swimming. Basically back to life as we were intended to live, adding  some glam to the wabi-sabi design. Look at the river or the woods sky is blending in perfectly in the moments and hiding your small OOD moment far away from the noise but close enough that your team can ask for screen time.

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Star Gazer Tent - Sleeps 2 nature lovers 


  •   1 queen size custom built wooden Scandinavian bed with surrounding bug net.

  • 1 custom built Viking Chest

  • 1 custom designed shelving unit

               1goal zero solar powered bank for all your needs 


Each Star Gazer Tent is fully provisioned with queen size bedding, towels, sheep and cowhide flooring, a lantern and/or usb flashlight, Berkey water filtration system ,and heated electric blanket in bed for those cozy nights .


​Bathhouse with a clear minimal Scandinavian simple easteticks the sauna is an idea called  “Havgus” a Danish way of staying healthy cold river dips and hot sauna will revive all sore thoughts and muscles. 

Lucky Tent has two twin beds instead of the queen size bed.


Star Gazer Tent,  sleeps 2 lovers 

The circular design is a fantastic way to sleep. All the energy produced stays and keeps activiating your creative center . please enjoy the solar powered  warm blanket and the chandelier set your mood high as you recharge yourself and the tent. 


Glamping at the highest level. After a full day hiking, swimming, meditating or working remotely in nature connected via Starlink.

You will be cocooned in this dream world of a Star Gazer Tent powered/warmed  by solar using Goal Zero to keep the electric blanket warm on a Casper Mattress  ;-).


Staying at Paradise Ranch you cook outside using the open Nature kitchen.

Included with a nice bar for the after Hike pick me up all provisioned and included,


All we ask is to bring your own ice. 

To book Star Gazer Tent  - 

Lucky Tent:

Ecstatic Tent:

Liberated Tent:

Mindful Tent:

Abundance Tent:


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