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Paradise Ranch has beautifully designed tiny houses and Bell tent glamping accommodations with a Scandinavian feel built by Americans handcraft , the  "Wabi-Sabi" is just the start of you beginning to merge with nature; you'll get a firsthand feel for this unique and captivating design in either our 4 Glass OOD Houses or in any of our 5 high-end Bell tents.


Those staying in tents have access to our  unique and beautiful bath house with a Danish designed sauna for those cold dips in the river and swim-holes .Get ready for your WIM HOF experience or just warm your bones.

Rest assured that your needs are meet with a warm shower after that day of hiking or sitting on your device working all day at  the “fœlleshuset” (direct translation’ together house’).


Our Hammock Camp is equipped with two "lovers-hammocks" - designed to comfortably cradle two adults at the same time. Stargazing in a mosquito net-covered Hammock  is available for guests who wish to experience a cozy night under the vast, starry, sky.


On the other side of the village, you'll find 2 beautifully designed redwood Yoga decks provisioned with all the necessary yogic supplies one requires for a deep, rejuvenating, practice. 

Later in 2022 we will be able to accommodate larger groups for workshops, ceremonies, and classes


This sacred land features a endless  flow of private, natural, watering holes for swimming and trout watching - private hiking trails, hot tub at each OOD house, riverside  sauna , communal outdoor gas fire pits, and cliffside decks for morning Yoga ,meditation, or just gazing with your coffee.


We are excited to softly introduce the start of our community biodynamic hillside sustainable vegetable garden and orchard -looking forward  to share with our guests, in the near future. It's the idea of healing as we build and grow our own food and healthy herbs .If you have talents in this area,  please join us in making this a reality.

The city has many benefits to life but nature is the ultimate partner for the human spirit.



Paradise Ranch provides sleeping accommodations for up to fourteen per night.


Adult ONLY ranch. 


Please email for Inquiries regarding Accommodation availability

Availability varies seasonally , we recommend making reservations 3 to 6 month in advance.

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