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Paradise Ranch is an “off the grid” modern luxury eco - glamping ranch and exclusive retreat located on 50 acres of privately owned riverfront in Three Rivers, California, operated by a team of nature and design enthusiasts. Set against the backdrop of Sequoia National Park, this area is home to the largest and oldest living things on Earth: the Giant sequoias. With two miles of river running through hilly landscapes and natural rock gardens, this special destination truly emanates the highest vibration.

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Our Eco - Ranch is a lifestyle lab, creating solutions for a truly sustainable and happy/luxurious life  reconnected with nature. Humans are nature. We evolved in nature. We are all connected. It’s a project where we combine observations of nature, logics, old wisdom, and new knowledge to get closer to our true selves in aspects of eating, living, thinking, moving, breathing, producing and much, much more.



01  /  01  /  2023

Happy New Year! 
Paradise Ranch entering its second year thriving!



03 /  01  /  2023

1st Day of Spring - Come celebrate with us at the ranch :)


08  /  01  /  2023

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary. Thank you to all of our amazing guest!

reviews from our guests'

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