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FAQ ;) A list of very helpful tips for your stay..

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The cooler is located inside the deck, bear proof for your beer and cold drinks ;)

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The best Hibachi grill: just turn dial for gas for the hibachi grill and pizza oven. The black dial is on the side of the outdoor table. When you light the hibachi grill, on the side of the grill there is a silver dial. This will let the gas out, you will be able to hear and smell it. Light this as soon as it as the line is opened. Be extremely careful, it can fill up with gas quickly. --- good cooking. 

Please remember to shut the lines off when done cooking.

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Coleman propane burner for outdoor cooking ;)


To light the fire pit, turn dial/timer and light the edge with the lighter. Enjoy and let it burn. Yes, it's on a timer ;)


In winter months please do leave faucet on minimal drip 💧 for pipes not to freeze 🥶 Please drink as much as you can of this water, this comes from 180ft below the bedrock :) 

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